19 March 2009

Shades and Hues

Sapphire, gold and mystic mauve,
Sweep the expanse of my hopes.
What do they mean – these colours galore?
My destiny – as determined before?
I’d like to believe this isn’t so,
For isn’t my life mine to make?
Aren’t my loved ones mine to keep?
Maybe it’s true, but then again,
Isn’t it true that we belong,
To the One Above, who made us all?
I try to understand this irony,
And hope that in this lifetime I,
Might learn to love and live a wholesome life,
Learn to give to the world for all it has given me,
Learn to let go of others for they don’t belong to me,
Yet, before I leave my earthly dome,
I need to spread my wings and fly,
Call it destiny, call it my own,
Happiness and exultation, anguish and pain,
Yet through it all I will always know,
That I am free to mix these colours as I may.

Dark Angel

I hear an angel call my name,
I follow her voice now filled with pain.
The night is dark,
The passage clear,
And as I feel her drawing near,
I scream in pain,
I scream again,
I am the angel calling my name.

Enchantment – A Rhapsody

If you gave me a diamond,
Would I believe in you?
Or a pearl of rare delicacy,
Is my fate then sealed with you?

White sands amidst the azure flow,
Grey mists swirling o’er mountain dew,
Four leafed clovers, toadstools true,
Tell the tale of riches few.

Blistering winds and rainy days,
Hailstones, hills and valleys claim,
The beauty of a life in parts,
Glad to be poor for the rest of my days.

Now tell me diamond and pearls so rare,
Are you more precious than this medley - seemingly bare?
If only you knew the wonders that play,
Over and over, in my rhapsody past compare.

Notes from the Countryside

The notes swirled softly midst the swish of a broom,
The mynah hopped amongst green paradisio blooms,
My eyes misty, my heart in tune,

And the sun, she kissed our Aymanam rooms.