19 March 2009

Enchantment – A Rhapsody

If you gave me a diamond,
Would I believe in you?
Or a pearl of rare delicacy,
Is my fate then sealed with you?

White sands amidst the azure flow,
Grey mists swirling o’er mountain dew,
Four leafed clovers, toadstools true,
Tell the tale of riches few.

Blistering winds and rainy days,
Hailstones, hills and valleys claim,
The beauty of a life in parts,
Glad to be poor for the rest of my days.

Now tell me diamond and pearls so rare,
Are you more precious than this medley - seemingly bare?
If only you knew the wonders that play,
Over and over, in my rhapsody past compare.


Anonymous said...

Ko, i've been going thru your entire blog...you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful gift. I must admit that at times i have to keep a dictionary in hand when i read your work but it is worth it. You are like those maestro's that take simple notes & make great music out of it.

Kavita said...

That is such a lovely and generous thing to say, and very encouraging too.

Thanks so much for that. It's people like you who keep me going.

I'd love to know which one of you I'm talking to though. :-)