23 April 2009


He was to me an enigma,
Fascination from afar,
A stranger no doubt, yet a face so dear,
His presence alone gave me power.

That’s one side of the coin, where with feline grace,
I glide through the trials of life,
The other side to me is a pathway so steep,
For it’s here that the deer in me reigns.

An armour of mettle hides the deer from all eyes,
Eyes that are ruthless and cold,
The deer longs for protection, it’s there in her eyes,
Sadly, Enigma passes her by.

The timid deer runs for its life,
Until with clarity,
She realises that she’s about to die,
As fire surrounds the trees.

Eagle, falcon, phoenix, deer,
Which one of them am I?
The phoenix finally wins this game,
And she rises above the flames.

"Who am I now?", I ask the flames,
Watching from afar.
The forest seems to whisper back,
Enigma is your name.

For when Enigma turned his back on me,
Enigma Became Me.


Smriti said...

my curiosity has been tickled!! :D

Kavita said...

Well, you know how curiosity killed the cat et al,so once again, "stay alive, smitty." ;-)

Smriti said...

uh uh more idli in my curd rice then!!