3 May 2009

Pirouette – Legato

Show me a grain of sand,
And I’ll tell you its story.

Bring me an eyelash,
And I’ll make you a wish.

Whisper on the wind,
And I’ll play you a song.

Give me a glimpse of your soul,
And I’ll spin you a dream.

A dream for tomorrow,
A song for your sorrows,
A wish for felicity,
A story for life.

But bring me a stone,
And I’ll break your neck.

Or a sooty eyed devil,
Curse you to death.

Scream across time,
I’ll silence your voice.

Your heart without soul,
Paper roses to go.

The stone of my burden,
A lover’s betrayal,
Spectres of the shadow,
Shriveled heart of the dead.

So bring me that sand,
And I’ll create an oasis.
Winged songs will follow,
Whispering dreams of the morrow.


Smriti said...

now it means dream catcher to me!

Kavita said...

It does? Interesting.As long as it means something or the other, it works for me. :-)