28 May 2009

Veiled World

In the beginning, there was the Word,
And the Word was with God,
And the Word was God.

Now, I live by the Sword,
And kill with the Word,
In the name of the Lord.

The future, will bring to this world,
The wrath of the Word,
The havoc of God's will.

In the end, God's Word will be heard,
In the heart of this world,
The beginning again.

(The first verse is from The Bible - John 1:1)


Anonymous said...

Ko, i'm gonna read this a couple of times more...if i am inspired i may decide to take a print of this & keep it in my bible....the gospel according to K :)


Kavita said...

Oh sweet J(not talking about you here:p), you would? Hmmm...I hope it does inspire you.:-)

annette said...

This is what is called Hope. But the skeptic in me will have none of it :(

Kavita said...

Hope's been my lifeline many a time.

Smriti said...

very nice...i like the way you've written your piece..with the biblical bit. Second verse is mt fave!