5 July 2009

Sara Visits The World Wide Web

(Happy Birthday Meenakshi - It's Story Time)

“Once upon a time…” Now isn’t that how all stories begin? Well, I’m going to be different, and this is my story. My name is Sara, and I’m five-years-old.

Last Tuesday, I was alone in the room which I shared with my sister Diya when I heard voices. Was it my imagination? I stood still in the middle of the room and listened carefully. Yes, there it was again - a babble of excited, tiny voices from the far corner of the room, near the computer.

I walked slowly towards the computer. Diya does not like me meddling with it, but the voices were there. I inched closer, and leaned towards the computer. Voila, there were the voices, only louder and clearer now. They were inside the computer speakers. This was strange as the computer was off. Curiosity got the better of my fear, and I stuck my ear to the speaker.

The next second, I jumped out of my skin, for I heard a little girl say, “Sara, come visit us.”
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Oh, I’m Felicity your computer fairy, and my friends are here with me.”
“How?” said I.
“Just touch the speaker with your right hand and say:
‘Oh world wide web,
Wrap your wires around my head,
Take me by my human hand,
And let me play in your electronic band’
” said Felicity.

Wow, where was I? My eyes were round with wonder as I looked around the new world I was in. “You’re in the computer with us,” said a pretty little girl with delicate silver wings. That was Felicity, my very own computer fairy, and new friend.
The computer world was very different from Earth. We walked on beams of neon green light. The world was a maze of corridors, and the walls of these corridors had designs like spider webs on them. These webs were made of different coloured beams like blue, yellow, red, orange and many more. If you touched the centre of the web with your hand, you would enter a room. Felicity told me that every room was different.
As I loved chocolates, we went through the blue web first. There were chocolate machines of all shapes and sizes in it. There were many fairies in there too. “Everyone loves chocolate,” said Felicity. We went to a machine that looked like a tree. Each branch made a different type of chocolate. I had a chocolate shaped like a butterfly with jam in the middle. It was delicious.

We then went through the red web to the ice-cream room. Felicity took me to the surprise bowl. Here the colour of the ice-cream would be different from its taste. I picked an orange ice-cream that tasted like apples. Felicity had the purple ice-cream that tasted like strawberry.
Felicity then took me to meet some of her friends. I met Elsie the elf who lived in a red and white toadstool. We also visited Freddie the frog and Pink the bunny rabbit. Felicity said she’d take me to one last place as I’d been here for a long time already. Yippee, we were going to the library.On the way, I noticed that certain corridors had doors made of rainbow-coloured beams. Felicity told me that these were the doors to different countries. I was really excited, and I wanted to go there too, but there was no time. My Mum would realize that I was missing, if I was away for too long.

We walked on to the library. It was very big. Felicity took me to a doll house that read you bedtime stories. She made me lie down on a feather bed and close my eyes. While Felicity held my hand, the house read me the story of Cinderella.

“Sara, why are you smiling at the computer?” I looked up with a start at Mum. Had I been dreaming? As I got up to leave the room, a small silver wing floated off the computer. I held it in my hand, and smiled my secret smile. My eyes sparkled as I thought of my adventure, and the many more that were to come. The magic rhyme would allow me to visit Felicity at any time. I still had many rooms to visit, and foreign lands to explore. My adventures had just begun. You could always join me on my next adventure.

Illustrations courtesy She Who Was Born on the Fourth of July.


Smriti said...

yay! i liked it! can't wait to read more! this kinda reminded of my enid blyton reading days.... yours is with a touch of today' world though! :)
psstt....liked the pics too!

and on a another note...i guess neither of us is doing what we should be :D

sumi said...

what do i say it takes me back on d memory lane .......stories with pics on paper.....very nice it was like a fairyland story with a comp twist .......meenakshi luved it and luvs the name felicity keeps saying it

Anonymous said...

the next time you meet me...pls don't look into my eyes...you may end up writing volumes

you make the absurd seem so reeel :)


Basically Blah said...

Lurrverly! I bag you to write stories for my unborn and yet-to-be-conceived child!!!

Sara said...

nice story madam... written well and the drawings look like their straight out of a bed-time story book:) i'm glad the sara in the story is a little girl...

Kitty said...

What a fun post. I LOVE the drawings. So lovely!

Kavita said...

Thanks guys, glad I could bring out the child in all of you. ;-)

My illustrator will be pleased to hear that her pictures are not the disaster she thought they were.

Btw, Meenakshi was busy telling me how I should put my hand on the computer speaker etc, so I could meet Felicity, when I met her on her birthday! :D

gayatri said...

hey koosie
loved the story and the work.
touch of surreality so all the more fun.

Lakshmi said...

hey k... nice story with a modern setting. will relate it to yu. loved the illustrations too.

Nandini Hariharan said...

Hey K,Enjoyed reading the story as much as Dhriti did! And she wants the adventures to continue . She said it was was like listening to Alice in Wonderland!:-)
Nice blend of old and new concept!
Keep it going...we just love it!

Kavita said...

Nandu, It's really good to hear and know that. :-)