29 July 2009

The lone wolf
Is my partner,
In the wilderness
Of the night.

The thrush
My little songbird,
By my side.

Yet as the day
Turns into night,
I feel
A presence-new.

A haunting
Melody of night,
Fraught with
Stealthy danger-you.

For loneliness
Is my fortress,
And the wilderness
My home.

My little songbird
The felicity
And fortitude
Of my poem.

As I walk away
From the murky night,
Bidding farewell
To my friends.

Your spider fingers
Caress my back,
The shadow
Of the end.


Basically Blah said...

Been swigging the bottle again at night, eh, Nightingale? ;-) just kidding! Nice one!

Kavita said...

Ah, night time...these days....let's just say that the wheels won't stop turning...exhausting, I tell ya.

Oh for some sleep...not of the eternal kind though! :-)

Smriti said...

hooowwwwwlll!!! vita k! when will you ever learn...that the big bad wolf is big and really bad?? :P

But the little song bird...depends on what context! Alternative to the wolf...well then shoot the birdie! Else..listen to the birdie!!

That's my interpretation.

psstt...Im being beaten in this game of commenting one too many times! I'm slacking ..that means you are too!!

Kavita said...

How does that translate into my being a slacker too? To think you work in the world of logic.:D

Smriti said...

u belong to the same world!!..so think lady think!! :D

Kavita said...

You really want me to think, knowing what happens when my brilliant rainbow coloured cells start whirring? Okay then, done deal. See ya next year. :D

Smriti said...

actually see ya on kaotic!!! heehehee!! :D