20 July 2009

One step in time,
Closer the guillotine,
Misty morns and chimes,
Bittersweet the crime.


Smriti said...

hmmm...hehehe...i cant explain that!

Kavita said...

Ha! I was waiting to see what you'd come up with. Try again?

Basically Blah said...

May be this is how you should greet (each of) us when we hit the 3-0 birthday!

Kavita said...

That, my dear girl, is a brilliant idea. How morbid, indeed!!!

I think "each one of you" needs some good ole sense knocked into your silly young heads. After all, this "fossil" loved turning 30!:D

Smriti said...

ok ok here goes...! it is about choosing the bitter over the sweet! optimism over pessimism...wanting the good news before the bad...and allowing fleeting moments prevail over lasting ones!! so chop comes the hammer!!! there! that's why i laughed :D
Bittersweet indeed!! ....cos in retrospect it can't be sweet-bitter now can it!! see i have a point!!

Kavita said...

Background: Waiting out in the cold in the wee hours of the morning, in the hopes of actually being able to get a bus ticket so I could get home for a bit!

Looks like your guess is as good as mine now, huh! Thank you for that deep insight, my girl. :D