27 August 2009

A Legacy of Love

A Slave to Cupid.....Don Quixote......My darling stranger

If I had been an expert in the art of making silent love, I would not have been so noisy.
Dated “Now”

To you, whom I want to share this story with,

I just had to share my thoughts on a very strange project that I happened to be working on, while on holiday in Coonoor. Since it actually has to do with letters, I feel it’s only right I let you in on it through the written word.

My Mum and Aunt found a whole bunch of letters that my great grand dad and mum had written each other, in a chest in Aymanam. My grand mum (her folks) had held on to them, and on reading some of them the sisters’ felt they had to be preserved a while longer. That’s how I found myself pouring through the letters, dating them and putting them away in order. It’s not so much about the discovery of hidden secrets or a story untold, but the wonderful insight into their relationship. I’d heard that they were a very loving and interesting couple, but to read the letters is to really know them.

There I was, softly treading the path that two young lovers took, discovering life and each other way back in 1915 till about 1918 or so. It’s really amazing to read those letters, as they had the kind of relationship that a lot of people don’t ever experience. Two strangers, married at the tender ages of 13 and 18, and separated a lot over the first so many years of their married lives, as one had to focus on finishing his studies and get his career going. Despite the various hurdles, they seem to have found a way to keep themselves going while apart. Yes, through letters, and what letters they were. They really, really, talked to each other. You can feel the tears, hear the laughter, be a part of the literary and legal discussions, and blush in wonder at the passion that flows between them.

My great grand dad seems to have been a very forward thinking and open individual, and my great grand mum was a woman with a mind of her own apart from being the loving person that she was. She seems to have been a woman whose actions spoke far more for her, than did her words. You get to know a lot more about her through his letters. I actually felt guilty when I stumbled across some of the letters which were very intimate! At times I wasn’t too sure if I was reading a novel, especially when I read things like “you woke me up with kisses” etc. I felt like applauding her and saying, "you go girl!" He, on the other hand has me amused and laughing at the same time with his eloquent expressions of love. He quotes Burns, Shakespeare and the rest of them with aplomb. She was one of those who believed and knew that some of her dreams were important, and needed to be understood in the context of her reality. What I loved about this part was that her husband never mocked her, but tried to make sense of them. He encouraged her to read a lot, and the beginnings of the classics collection we have in Aymanam started here. They even read poems together. It’s not so much the poetry or literature that touches me, but the fact that they did things together as well as individually. It was a very real marriage in the sense of the ups and downs, and what I noticed in this “All’s well that ends well” story, was that the two of them worked hard at the relationship, and ego did not play a role. What can I say, friends, lovers, companions all rolled into one life long enriching experience.

I think it’s time for me to leave them alone, happy in the knowledge that their legacy lives on.

So long.

A novelist of great reputation has expressed the idea that when that mysterious link arises between two lovers, the most trifling incident seems to have a unique importance to their eyes – Then I had no idea how accurate this sentiment was. But the best school, the school of experience has now taught me that this is a veritable truth.
Author’s note: The phrases and sentences in “Bold type” have been copied verbatim from my great grand dad’s letters.


Smriti said...

That was lovely!! I wonder how they managed back in those days! They all married at ridiculously young ages...and yet they somehow knew to manage the ups and downs! That's the key...i should have married when i was 13!! hahah!

...jokes apart..the lines you had quoted were lovely! I can see where you get your writing from...so no more credit to you missy :P

Kavita said...

Exactly Smriti, so now you're doomed!:D

Oh,I wish you could have read those letters. It was all so surreal really.

Okay, and the credit goes to,'my great grand daddy's genes'. Fair enough. :-)

annette said...

You have been given a gift, Kav. A treasure, even. To have been able to connect with your great-grandparents for a while, at an age when they were as young as you is something not many people will experience. Lucky girl!

Kavita said...

I know,it was like winning the lottery!

Devna said...

Wow!! Don't know what to say...For a while I went into another world...

You are lucky that you got a chance to see something like this...Just wondering how mature they were at that tender age...

And of course, the way you have
put it in words is just so amazing...loved it!!

Kavita said...

Thank you, Devna.:-)

Anshuman Singh Chauhan said...

I have read some stories on Love, Affection and Companionship, which talk of sharing. This sharing what so far I had known was of the things which might have happened in the past or might be happening in the present. What unique I found about Kavita's Inference of her Great Grand Parents love story is the extent of Imagination. The truth discussed is beautiful, but the more beautiful part is the Understanding of the Thought which those two people must have had, Intensity of their Affection, Strength of their Faith, Honesty of their expression, clarity of thier needs and the will to stay together which kept them going, despite of all odds.

Kavita, Based on My Understanding, I think your post definitely holds a message for everyone of us.....and the message is :
"Transcedence is not limited to gods, A normal human with eternal love and strong faith can achieve it when ever and where ever required"...

In the end I would like to say Thanks for sharing this beautiful Thought, it has definitely added to my knowledge of human relations :-)

Kavita said...

Anshuman: Yeah, I do believe that we 'normal' beings can surprise ourselves, time and again, with what could be summed as our inner strength.
Oh, and good to know that this post gave you food for thought.:-)

Mani-Quitessential of " Living " said...

Hey Kavita,heard a lot about your writing skills from Devna and fortunataley I got a chance to read one your masterpiece today which makes me visit your blogs regularly from now on...

I defer that even I, for a moment, went way back in 1915s era to feel exactly what you ve expressed..Hats off to the couple to live those tender moments of love so gracefully...and to you for threading emotions so apparently to make everybody feel that!!
you ve made me to dream a love life like this for myself ... ;-)

Kavita said...

Thank you.

Oh,and good luck with your newfound dream. :-)