24 September 2009

The Melody – She Played

Misty tunes in sunshine hues,
Swirling, twirling, zest anew,
The pipes they played,
To molten runes,
And I, I wrote a song brand new.

Withered, shriveled, crushed dry grass,
Sprinkled hope, pink heather and laughs,
The clouds stood still,
Bowing to heaven’s will,
And I, I whispered the words en masse.

Mystic moon in silver haze,
Sedate, sated, the walk of grace,
The harp it played,
To souls amazed,
And I, I sang the song my way.


Radha said...

Nice one... but where is the picture?

Kavita said...

I figured I'd leave that to your imagination this time. :-)

Smriti said...

love it! the first verse is my fave

Kavita said...

Thank you, Smitten.