11 October 2009

If Time were my Temple
And Love the revered One,
Would I open the doors for him,
And welcome him as I must?
What mortal crime
Did I commit?
That brought me
This impasse?

The drudgery
Of a dried out soul,
Till death
Do us part?
A whisper in the moonlight
Soft, melodious, clear,
Asking me to follow
The shadow of her tear.

The spell lingers
In the wake
Of the magical
Memory gone.

Her song playing
In my heart,
The legacy of its
Ghost - lost and lorn.


Smriti said...

Wrong timing! Wrong temple! He should've never knocked!

(WV = booti)

Smriti said...

Also, reminds me of Charles Hamilton and Scarlett O'Hara!

Kavita said...

Really? Why? Pray do elaborate.

Okay, still trying to wrap my head around Charles Hamilton and Scarlett O'Hara. Lightning is yet to strike! :-(

Smriti said...

a bit of bias there! i'll explain later!

charles hamilton was the guy she marries in a rush to revenge ashley's engagement to melanie! the guy was soo smitten by scarlett and she was barely tolerant!!

Kavita said...

I'd totally forgotten about him!