22 December 2009

Ariana’s Christmas Adventure

It was Christmas Eve, and little Ariana waited expectantly by the bedroom window. A short while later she went to bed hoping that Santa had received her letter, and would grant her dearest wish.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, she heard a sweet voice singing Silent Night. When she looked up at the window she saw Sandy the elf smiling sweetly down at her.

Wow! Her wish had come true. Sandy the elf from the bedtime story book had come to visit her.“Ariana,” said Sandy, “it’s time for us to go on our Christmas adventure.” They flew out of the window and into the starry sky.

“Merry Christmas, Ariana,” called out Aladdin and his lovely princess as they flew by on their magic carpet.

They flew out of the night, and into a room full of books and a big piano. It was Sandy the elf’s house, and her fairy friends played “Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer” for Ariana.
Sandy then took Ariana to the ocean. Ariana saw many fish. She also went to the Little Mermaid’s crystal palace. The little mermaid showed them around the palace, and taught Ariana a special dance.

They visited Cinderella next, who looked beautiful in her pink and white ball gown. Cinderella asked them to stay on at her palace for Christmas, but Sandy the elf said that they had to visit other people too. So they flew on to meet their other friends in fairyland.

Ariana met Tom Thumb and played with his pet dog, Penelope. Penelope was the tiniest dog Ariana had seen in her whole life.
Ariana also played with Little Jack Horner who pulled out a plum with his thumb, from his Christmas pie.

“Ariana, it’s time to go back home,” said Sandy the elf, “but before we do, we will visit one last person - a very important person.”

And so, they stopped one last time before they went home. This time they visited the little baby Jesus.

“Merry Christmas, Ariana.” Ariana got up with a start. It was Christmas morning and she was home. She smiled happily as she remembered her Christmas adventure, or had it been a dream? No, it hadn’t been a dream, Ariana was sure of that. Still thinking about her adventure, Ariana put her hand under her pillow. Her eyes widened as she read the card she found under her pillow. The card was from her friend Sandy the elf.

Ariana jumped up and down with joy. This was the happiest day of her life, as her dearest Christmas wish had come true.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

You'll find the 'grown-up' kind of X'mas wish at 'Kaotic's Workshop.'

All Illustrations(with the exception of the Nativity Scene - courtesy FreeFoto.com) courtesy, She Who Was Born on the Fourth of July.


Smriti said...

:) see, this is what x-mas is about...the happy kinda magic! i loved it!
the sketches are soo nice K! my fave were of Sandy's house, Cinderella and Little Jack Horner...with his boing boing plum thumb! :D

Smriti said...

oooh i'm such a douchebag!! merry x-mas to you too K!! *_* ok that just looks like elton john

Basically Blah said...

Sandy the elf has invited us to his place on Xmas day!! ;)Jembing for Xmas joy!

Jokes aside, nice one!! (Cool illustrations too)

Kavita said...

Smriti: I'm still looking for Elton John!:D

BB: I know, I know, I know...Sandy the elf has X'mas all planned out for us.:-)

Oh, and thank you, you two. Will be sure to pass on the appreciation to the Honourable Illustrator too.

Smriti said...

*_* do you see him now?

Kavita said...

Hahaha, you madhatter, you!:D