7 December 2009

By The Shadow Of The Moon

The swish of silk,
Reveals porcelain pale,
At the edge of this vision,
A horse with no name.

Stallion – black,
Cryptic game,
Her heart holds steady,
Then meets his gaze.

The glimpse of a fissure,
Reveals endless seas,
Into the heart of this silence,
Wisteria creeps.

Purple blossom,
Distant sigh,
She reaches out,
In a bid to still time.

The shadow of the moon,
Reveals reasons – three,
A gift of revelation,
Or the mirror of a dream?

Horse's neigh,
Silken sway,
The scent of wisteria,
Softly slips away

The golden glow of sunrise,
Reveals the iron and the clay,
Twirls of smoke engulf her,
As she rides into the day.


Smriti said...

On two not quite related notes..(!) have you ever listened to Horse With No Name by a band called America?

that apart, if you recall the insanity caused by the surreal place I was in, the word fissure only brings back mad memories! :D ;)

On a more related note..

Pray, but what are the reasons three?

Kavita said...

Smriti: OMG,I totally know that song. Now thanks to you, I'm gonna sing it in my head until I fall asleep.:-)

Believe it or not, your first two notes are far more relevant than 'riddle-me-ree' I think. Although fissures don't bring pain but a deep silence for me,in this story of shadows. Not really sure if that's better or worse than your case of bad memories!?! Hmmm, food for thought. :-)

Smriti said...

that's not quite what i meant! bad memories = umm insane crazy ass ones instead!! :P

love the art!
love the first two lines cos i can visualize the purple silk...swish!!
and what i love the most is the wisteria connection! :)

oops you've done it again!

smack smack smack..i mean clap clap clap!!

Kavita said...

Smriti: Okay, I stand corrected, and now that I know better...ummm...crazy's the word.:D

*flits,floats,flies,crash lands* I've haven't really been able to master my 'head-in-the-clouds' gesture of thanks as yet. Darn!;-)

Seriously - I'm glad the picture, purple silk and wisteria made it to your list of favourites. Thank you.