31 December 2009

On The Night Of The Blue Moon

Scented candles,
Lavender dreams,
Reflections of purity,
Haunting truth - reveal.

Lily of the Valley,
Corals - heal,
Web of innocence,
Hasten thy weave.

Orchid touch,
Song of the heart,
Split wide open,
Brand new start.

Path of light,
By the moon - this night,
Talisman - silver,
Restoration of sight.

Blue moon - Thine,
Silver glint - Mine,
Abstract echo,
Gold star - Divine.

1 comment:

Smriti said...

i've read it and now it is all mine ;)
ok so here goes...i see..a beginning, an end..then a more realistic end...and the strenghth of prayer.

also, love the last 4 lines.

(applause applause...you've got me mushing it up on this blog one tooo many times! :D)