8 January 2010

Shadows of Dawn

Albatross death,
Shadows and sweat,
Dagger hold still,
O’er my heart if you will.

Willing prey,
Bloody game,
Open wound bleed,
The poison runs deep.

Water's edge,
Stony ledge,
Shattering pain,
Moonlight and rain.

Cut glass sorrow,
Window to tomorrow,
Stained glass dreams,
Rainbows over streams.

Ribbons of truth,
Shred to bits - me and you,
Seashells - white,
Breath of life - soft light.


Smriti said...

Nice image! By that I mean it has been put together nicely in the context of the poem!!

I'm too happy/high/crushy to relate to the shadows! ;)

Kavita said...


Meri said...

Satisfying! It's always so difficult to adopt a rhyme scheme and at the same time, convey meaning without sounding trite. I think you accomplished this.

Kavita said...

Thank you, Meri. :-)