8 March 2010

And Never Let Me Go

Fragrance brief like azaleas fair,
Misty moments, whispers shared,
Morning glory, radiant tale,
Dew drop wonder, forever ensnared.

Sparkling streams to rivers deep,
Entangled net, escape too steep,
Through the sands of time, the trail it bleeds,
At the bottom of the lake, the memories keep.

Bound and tied to a memory sweet,
The edges fray, the night guard sleeps,
Empty eyes, tears denied,
I wake one day, no laugh, no cry.

Fragrance new of lilies fair,
Tentative moments, lifetimes shared,
Twilight glow, soft, yet bare,
Moonlight magic, fleeting, rare.


Smriti said...

I really love the first two stanzas! You should see the images in my head. WOW! Something out of a fairytale. Must be the D effect. Must be the weather ;)

..The night guard always sleeps in times later! Damn him!

Smriti said...

Oh and I failed to mention this..after seeing the title, I have Third Eye Blind's 'Never Let You Go' runnin' in my head!!

Kavita said...

Smriti: Oh, so now we're blaming it on the weather are we? Well, so be it.:D

I love fairy tales, so it's good to know I was able to send you down that road for a wee bit.

Smriti said...

Ok. We won't blame the weather! We'll blame D! Only D! My Deluded reality!! :D

Yes..thank ye for that trip! 'Twas magical! Lol!