21 June 2010

Road to Nowhere

A sunshine smile that lights up the room,
In my dreams – filters through,
Eyes that seem to see the real me,
In reality – a distant dream.

The tango now a dance of flight,
I walk along the boulevard of night,
Sit by my lonely fireside,
In search of my lost inner smile.

A teardrop glimmers on wings of hope,
A fragile faith that helps me cope,
With broken dreams and shadows unknown,
A little stardust on cobbled stone.

I’m walking down the road to nowhere,
In search of a dream I believe in - rare,
One last glance at the road gone by,
If I see you tomorrow, oh heart, I will smile.

For tomorrow may never be mine to share,
With you whose eyes promise nothing – bare,
Yet like dreams that weave a magic spell,
Your smile, it melts the ice and shell.

I’m still walking down that road to nowhere,
Not sure of what or whom I’ll find there,
Stop for a moment, forget my pride,
Memories of a smile – teary eyed.

I’m dancing away from a distant dream,
Not lost - just gone before it was seen,
If I might have just one last sigh;
May I, your smile, wrap up and cry?