17 August 2010

Postcards from Eire - B

Hola Mountain Goat(aka Poo),

You’ve got to get to Ireland and Glendalough at that. The panorama is simply breathtaking and I'd like to believe that it was the reason I vaguely resembled the living dead on the way up that mountain. You'd have been in your element and would have had a chance to run wild with your tribe - the mountain goats, ofcourse!

Up, up and up we went,

Dead, dead, dead and bent,

Flat land spotted - no time for tears, 

(The ruins of the ole mining settlement)
Alive again and ready for beer!

Here’s one last picture of the Black Lake (Eh, yeah, that's what I call it.). The original Black Lake was a figment of my imagination(I actually wrote a short story about it!) and this lake here is as real as it gets for me.

Isn't it loverly? Loverly. Loverly. *sing until the light begins to fade*

Au revoir, my fair lady.



Fleet Foot Motor Mouth said...

Oh, indeedy!!

The land where us goats roam wild & free!! Tis pure loveliness, beauteous!!

Smriti said...

Wow K!! Such a lovely place! So beautiful, jest like you, my lovely, dovey!