10 August 2010

Postcards from Eire - A

When I went away on a month’s holiday to Ireland a lot of people expected me to be writing odes by the dozen. That didn’t happen as I don’t think I’d have been able to do the place poetic justice.Instead I figured I’d just let Ireland speak for itself through visuals on this page via the series “Postcards from Eire.”

Dear Kitten,
I’m at the James Joyce Tower right now and I keep thinking about you as the book Ulysses is one of your favourites.
This one’s for you.
(The First Edition of Ulysses - 1922)

(A letter from James Joyce to Nora Barnacle, written from the Tower on 10 September 1904.)
My favourite bit was this. Don’t ask!
On top of the world as you can see and that flag has me feeling I’ve just won a battle. Well, I’m battling the wind, allright. I know the picture says otherwise, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. The wind was so strong that I’m surprised I didn’t find myself adrift at sea, watery grave et al.
P.S. I walked right past one of those nudist beaches and never noticed it. Talk about literary focus!? Yeah right, more like my regular “horse-with-blinkers-on” walk!
Vee lovey,
No prizes for guessing where I am today. It was just so surreal to find myself at Trinity College. I still find it hard to believe but as unbelievable as it was I have no intention of studying some more, so pack that hope away RIGHT NOW. :-)
It goes without saying that I enjoyed checking out the Book of Kells and guess what the exhibition going on at The Long Room(Notice the familiarity with which I speak. :D) happened to be about when we visited? It was about the Irish in India. Some coincidence that.


Smriti said...

Very nice pics K! I'm gonna show them to my Dad too!
Why was this his tower, btw?

p.s. Glad you didn't fly away with the wind and land on some nudeys at the beach

Kavita said...

Thanks Smriti. This link should answer your question(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Joyce_Tower_and_Museum).

Me landing fully clothed on a nudist beach...oh my, that would have scared the daylight outta them!:D

Smriti said...

I re-visited this one! The version we have at home looks very similar to the first edition :D That's what my Dad had to say!!