11 October 2010

Postcards from Eire - C

Hey Seige,

This is heaven. I’m at Sandy Cove and it’s a lovely day; blue skies and sunshine. I did walk the length of the beach if you must know. Started down the middle and went to the James Joyce Tower end of things and then headed back to the Dun Laoghaire side of the pier.

I found my spot around here.
I look out at the water and think of you since that’s where you would be if you were here. Takes me back to our holiday in Goa and the water ballet scene that played out there!:D Well, this is me, so I guess you won’t be surprised to find me sitting on the waterfront, reading my book, gazing dreamily at the water, fascinated by the odd seagull, and all the while - the music, it just keeps playing in my head.



After a whole lot of walking and hours of reading I headed off to Salthill/Monkstown to meet up with my sis. I walked a whole lot and no, I did not get lost, as this time around I asked for directions unlike that time I confidently ‘turned right’ well aware of my terrible sense of direction. I almost made it; almost! At that last turn my brain froze and I just about lost it before recovering my sense of balance and calm. All in good time too. My sis might have burst a blood vessel if I’d gone on “mind-blank-mode” a minute longer. Older and wiser, eh!?! ;-)

Well, I know you’d have hated all that walking which is why I'm sending you a snapshot of Brittas Bay instead, where all I did was sit around(See, your kind of thing!), moving my butt only to have a look at my first jelly fish. The lazy end to a lazy day spent watching a bunch of movies which just might explain my rather brain dead state of mind.



Anonymous said...

Ooh,the jellyfish reminded me of the Portuguese man-of-war (only read in that coma-inducing The Old Man and the Sea novel)I believed it was called the whore of the sea!Yuss, ye betcha (pox-marked ;)) ass, i'd have vegetated there!

Sija said...

If I was there with you, we would surely be doing ballet in those blue waters. Love the place. The water is very inviting

Smriti said...

BARF!!! AAAAAAAAA! The jellyfish!! You tricked me, you nut cracker!

Kavita said...

Smriti: I know you love it!

gayatri said...

the words and pictures are really beautiful.
thank you for sharing

Kavita said...

Awww, thanks Gandy.