5 November 2010

Postcards from Eire - E

The Magic of Connemara

It was one of those grey days but that didn't stop me from hopping on to a bus to check out the beauty of a place I'd heard so much about.

The drive from Galway city to Clifden was worth it in itself. The scenery was stark, wild and breathtaking. I also loved the fact that there were hardly any of us on that bus, something rare if you come from my neck of the woods - India!
More than an hour later I walked in to Walsh's Bakery and Coffee Shop which was the first thing I spotted when I hopped off the bus.
Breakfast was hurried as I wanted to hit the road and walk aimlessly on forever, which is exactly what I did.

I chose to walk on The Beach Road first but after a while I realised that I'd prefer the heavens.

And so it was that I walked for hours on end on what was aptly named The Sky Road, soaking in the sights and scenery. It was just "I, me, myself" and nature most of the time. I could have gone on forever but the threat of a downpour finally got me to turn around and walk back towards civilization.
(In the Beginning)
(These made me feel I was a part of 'Jack and The Beanstalk' Land)

(Kiss me Ass: A Donkey's Tale)

(Once upon a time)

(The ole stone wall)

 The skies opened within minutes of my entering Walsh's Coffee Shop but the tea, bangers and mash, my book and the odd conversation with an Aussie bloke kept me content, happy and protected from the wind and rain for a good amount of time. I would know; my umbrella almost did a Mary Poppins on me the moment I stepped out of the place to get on the bus back to Galway City - Almost.
 Ah, happy memories indeed.


Smriti said...

Holy crap, Batman!! This whole freaking place looks straight out of a fairy tale!!!

pssst...what's the dope on the Aussie blokety? ;) Let's set Denialla aside puhleeese!

Smriti said...

Green green green! I love the green!

Kavita said...

Smriti: Yeah, it sure is a lovely place.

P.S. No dope and that's the gospel truth!:-)

Anonymous said...

Irish donkeys...say no more :)

We have to visit Connemara the next time around...