5 January 2011


(Part IV)

Shadow dancing,
Slow and benign,

Lilies gliding,
Death to life,

Breath of insanity,
Former life,

Underbelly of fire,
Tunnel of time,

Mysterious touch,
No moon night,

Kiss of Fate,
Destiny – mine.

(The End)


Terror #1 said...

Love it...

I can actually relate it to our online tango in verse...

But on a serious note...We do write our own destinies and we all have these crazy ups and downs...

Finally got down to reading your poems...Am gonna read more of them when I have the time...Btw just cos mystery stopped commenting at the workshop don't mean u stop posting there...

Kavita said...


Thank you.

It's encouraging to know that you might actually go back in time and read some of the other poems when you have time. Not many would be that brave.

By the way, I actually wrote this one at the beginning of the "dance" - you know, the time when "Mystery" first quoted Tenacious D.

I found myself seeing the poem in a whole new light just before posting it today. Sheer coincidence.:-)

Smriti said...

That's cos it was STOLEN!