21 April 2011

The Restless Spirit - Part 3 of 3


Flames engulfed her,
Mortal sin
Scorched her soul,
Cleansing still,
Lost no more,
Peace regained.

(Artist: C.Smriti)

16 April 2011

The Restless Spirit - Part 2 of 3


The void it opened,
Sudden – killed
The stranglehold,
Her Master’s will,
Reached up,
Reached in,
Silent – still,
In the heart of the ocean,
The sun filtered in.

(Artist: C.Smriti)

15 April 2011

The Restless Spirit - Part 1 of 3


She wandered lonely,
Aimlessly in
A familiar world,
Distant - still,
On and on,
No hope,
No will,
Lost in the wilderness,
Looking within.

(Artist: C.Smriti)

4 April 2011

The Ghost Of Yesterday

Driving through the streets one night,
I felt a shiver run down my spine,
Looked out the window,
Felt your laugh
Mock at my image – bold, not right.

Bantered on with the friend by my side,
Shriveled inside – dried leaf on ice,
Looked out the window,
Smiling wide,
Across the street – you paused, I died.

Death and the rest but a dramatic sigh,
The story not quite yours but mine,
Looked out the window
Into your cruel smile,
As our eyes locked; re-lived the lie.

Driving through the streets that night,
I lost direction, peace of mind,
Looked out the window
One last time,
Shrugged off the ghost – returned to light.