4 May 2011

Homeward Bound

Who cares for the smell of coffee
When there’s a forest to be seen,
Potted plants and balconies
Pretty yes; not my dream.

A canvas bold with colours new,
Pink, purple, orange and yellow hues,
Peacock, deer and elephants true,
Spot their dots and backsides too.

The wilderness calls out to me
Or is it home I really see?
For winding forest-paths and trees
Take me home; my heart, my dream.

A canvas filled with earthy tones,
Bare trees, dry grass and watering holes,
The lone gaur stares as I pass by,
The elephant watches as I sigh.

For the lack of coffee I won’t swear,
Even when the forest’s bare,
For blue-grey skies and cloudy eyes,
Take me home on the wings of time.


Smriti said...

Melancholic...yet there's something very beautiful and pensive about this.

Kavita said...

Hmmm,I see that you recognize the feeling.