3 July 2011


As evening falls,
The shadows long,
I step outside,
Forget my pride,
The wind in my face,
Sand in my eyes.

No turning back,
I stay on track,
Empty my mind,
Of the bitter kind,
The spray hits my face,
Sand stings my eye.

I tarry on,
A burdened song,
The cross I bear,
Too heavy to share,
The rain soaks my skin,
As I wither within.

Then the dawn breaks,
Forgives my mistakes,
I step outside,
Head held high,
The sun in my eyes,
My teardrops – dry.


Smriti said...

And that's when,
That's when,
That's when Cary Brothers walked in!

Oh I loved it! :)

Kavita said...

Smriti: I'm glad he did as I'm enjoying his music now too. :-)