18 October 2011

Gypsy Moon

I stand beneath the gypsy moon
Blood red, the tryst
Of ages come.

A nightingale breaks into song
Wistful melody, crimes

They came out of a forest dream
Jaguar stealth, scent
On the breeze.

I waited, frozen by the night
Haunted, memories
Float on by.

Just for a heartbeat
The world – it stilled
Lilies bowed
To a higher will.

Beneath the crimson gypsy moon
A snowdrop glistened
Virgin bloom.


Smriti said...

Is that light inside the tunnel or a train hurtling your way? :P

You need a picture for this one! Hear, hear!

Kavita said...

Beats me, Smriti!;-)

It was meant to go with a picture but then I got lazy - nothing new, eh!?!