1 February 2012

Finding Her - Ebony And A Wisp Of Silk

(Artist: C.Smriti)

Part 1

I first saw her by candlelight,
A shadow flitting across sunlight,
By the flickering flame,
I caught a glimpse
Of ebony, and a whisper of silk.

A long, bright summer later,
I knelt beside a stream of clear water,
Found her
In the flow of ripples,
Wistful doe eyes amongst the shingle.

Part 2

Who is this apparition
that haunts me so?
Must I follow her
flame to the shore?

Then follow her I must,
In my heart I shall trust,
In search of the answer,
Before every door shuts.

Part 3

The long drawn journey
My litmus test, on and on
Till I come to rest,
At a door so bare,
I almost give up my quest.

The door opens ever so slowly,
He’s smiling, waiting there,
As I meet his deep gaze,
I’m lost and afraid,
Not sure I believe in the rare.

Part 4

Destiny’s not to be beaten,
This time she is sure;
She pushes me gently-
Propels me towards my shore.

I step in – slow and hesitant,
I step in – not so sure,
And then I see
Mirrored in his eyes,
Ebony, and a swirl of silk.


Ebony & Ivory said...

The litmus test is nothing like a chem lab...good stuff

Smriti said...

Mystery, truth, colour and emotion!!

Zzzzzzzzzzz said...

:) ..Wow...what an impact...the very expressive pic & wonderful words that you put together...there's gonna be a sequel to this rite ????

Mystique said...

Zzzzzzzzzzz - I'll leave the sequel to your imagination. :-)