24 January 2013

Seeking Horizons

(Artist: C.Smriti)

Over my dead body - Fall
Treacherous wind - Die
Cascading rapids - Sink
Deeper and deeper
The edge of reason - Seek.

Still my body - Rise
Whispering forests - Walk
Cleansing waterfalls - Flow
On and on and on
Seek luminous skies - Dawn.


Undaunted said...

I notice a dark pitch. Beware 2013!

Shiver Me Timbers said...

Ominous! :-|

Smriti said...

Eh, the poem is a bit too lovely for my art! But, thank you!

Also, why is 'one' scaring me?

Mystique said...

Undaunted: Oh yeah, 2013 better watch out!;-)

Shiver Me Timbers: Whatever you say! :-|

Smriti: Oh poppycock.

~~~Desperately seeking more art~~~

P.S. Just ignore 'one' okay. :-/