1 April 2013


                                          (Artist: Shadow)

Halls of silence - meditate
Spirit catcher - mediate
Wells of darkness - obliterate
Sunshine divine - invigorate.

                                                             (Artist: Shadow)


Smriti said...

Splendid series! But of course I have to rant about my favourite bits. 'Rise' for the poetry and 'Peace' for the art - because in each of these two, the poem or the art brought out something better in the other!

Aloha, Shadow Boxer ;)

Yin and Yan said...

Such peace between the art and poetry. Good stuff.

Mystique said...

Smriti – your “rants” as you call it are always welcome in this space. Thank you.
The flowers and backbend yoga pose are my favourites. I love looking at the backbend yoga pose from its Spidey-angle. Do you see what I see? I just might write new verse for the Spidey-angle someday! :D

YnY: Thank ye, kindly. :-)

Smriti said...

Myst, I hate to break this to you. Spiders have, um, eight legs, not four.

Smriti said...

You like backward bends, eh?

Angel Smriti: Stop before you say anything else. Remember, no messing up Mystique.

Devil Smriti: Giggle, Mystique walked into this one.

AS: No, save it for the other blog.

DS: Oh yeah? Name the other blog. NOW.

AS: *blanks out from tech OD*

DS: Muhuhuhahahhaha. Soo, Myst, you like backward bends, EH?

Mystique said...

Smriti: Not if it's Spiderman! :|

Mystique said...

So! Shiver me timbers, here’s DS!