3 July 2013

Passage To Nowhere

Across the border, past the gate,
almost surrendered
to a date with fate.

Past His resting place, once He lay,
people gathered,
then freedom came.

By the gurgling brook, crystal clear,
my mind wandered
back to all that was dear.

Onward journey, end unknown,
fresh mountain air
and sunshine the keystone.

Gazing, reflecting, mind still sore,
out from the void
I climbed – still unsure.

All the while, patient, sure,
he held my hand,
wouldn’t let go.

Smiling, tentative, onward bound,
my hand in his
walked on - steady ground.


Smriti said...

Please watch 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. And then I will tell you why this poem reminded me of the movie. You must!

Half Man said...

Over a hill,
under a tree,
lies your man of mystery.

Mystique said...

Half Man:
OMG, how did you know!?! One would think you actually saw..........my dream! *keels over*

~~~The third eye knows all~~~ ;-)

Mystique said...

Eh Smriti, go right ahead and spill the beans and no, these mysterious "others" that you keep referring to (oops, that was off the record, right!?!:D)will not beat you up for giving away the plot. They don't exist you see!

Smriti said...

Spoiler Alert! If you haven't watched 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' then proceed no further.

MM: hope you got the whole world to watch the film.

First verse: when the boys meet for the first time
Second verse: what the meeting is going to translate to. For the Jewish boy, in particular
Third verse: When the German boy's Mum puts her foot down to take her kids to a safer place
Fourth verse: The boys keep meeting not knowing what is to come
Fifth verse: Towards the end of the movie, when the German boy swaps his clothes and enters the camp
Sixth verse: When the Mum realizes that her son is not at home and discovers the open window in the store while she believed he was safe
Seventh verse: The Jewish boy holds the German boy's hand for strength as they are pushed to their fateful end.

Mystique said...

Smriti: Like finally! :-)In my end, their fate is brighter - it's freedom, then again, I guess the boys were heading to a new world of freedom too, or so I'd like to think.