5 March 2014

Mississippi Calling

The ebb and flow,
The powerful roar,
Wild - untamed,
The senses soar.

Whispering woods,
Darkness deep,
Silence - mystery,
Restless sleep.

Clich├ęd black steed,
Black limousine,
Intimidation - fear,
Potent intimacy.

The ebb and flow,
The powerful roar,
Seduction - extreme,
Captive no more.


Mississippi Magnolia said...

I want to enjoy my Mississippi Man
On a Mississippi day
Soaking up some Mississippi sun.
I love the way we do
Mississippi things
And have our Mississippi fun.

He makes me laugh a Mississippi laugh,
And smile a Mississippi smile;
And I guess, if he would ask me to,
I'd run a Mississippi mile.

Gene Hackman said...

Is Mississippi burning?

Mystique said...

I don't believe it is,Hackman.