9 April 2014

The Girl In The Park

When dawn passes and daylight arrives - so do the others, so does She.  Sunday morning nature walk – welcome one, welcome all. No, not really – just a passing thought.

A group of strangers gather - every Sunday, different yet same. She joins them – at first invisible.She joins them – apart yet a part of their trail.

Nothing comes easy, nothing comes free – the others pay up but not Her; not She.

She keeps her distance –she needs her space; she’s a little shy, she’s nobody’s child. The only thing apparent is that she’s free, free, free.

It’s story time and nature time. It’s a time for flowers, trees and history. Time passes by – soon they’re all at ease.

Now their protector, now their friend – a sense of belonging but not in the true sense.

She’s a strange little creature – walker’s delight; for when Bangalore’s walkers meet up – She’s bound to appear, that's one thing she's got right.

She’s a bit of a mystery, the girl with no name. She’s a stray dog at Lal Bagh – Sunday 7a.m. is her game.

(Photograph courtesy Poo)


Smriti said...

Aaaww! Sweet dog!
Refreshing to see something different on Mystique! I liked this one :)

Butch Slap said...

Oh, she's happy now! Wait till she meets the dog of her dreams. Heck, any dog. *snicker*

Mystique said...

Smriti: I agree - she's sweet.

Butch *slap, slap, slap* :-\