28 September 2014

Shadow's Book of Verse - 3

As stars touched upon her midnight blue
And twinkled like glittering diamonds on her naked body
Everything but her was rendered False
Every bitter truth, Untrue.

A hundred violins sounded in the tender breeze
Lithesome, she danced and I stood transfixed
Reluctant, my thoughts, my being, lingered
To watch her seduce, and let her tease.

Many a traveller happened upon her
Many heaped her with their praises
I watched silently, her sorcery
And heard them all concur.

The morning mist upon brilliant flowers
That lined her heaving bosom
Stood witness to her greatness
And her tremendous soothing powers.

I remained but for a second
I loathe to say goodbye
Bosphorus, O, Bosphorus
I will return when you haunt me, when you lovingly beckon!

- Shadow


Smriti said...

If this is a conundrum, she is a Turkish wiccan!
Psst, I like Shadow's poems better than yours :P I seek permission to whip up some artsy stuff for this one. Grant me, oh ye, ze permission.

Mystique said...

Well, we are in agreement then, Smriti, as I think Shadow's poems are better too, not just, but much, much better. It's the treat I distribute sparingly for the torture I put you through.

That said, this is my favourite - so far.:-)
P.S. Since when did you ask permission?!:p I'm sure the poet will be flattered by such inspiration arising from this work.

Shadow said...

Thank you for appreciating. The Bosphorus is really beautiful, doubt anything I say can do justice!