6 November 2014


I remember slow dancing
To the melody that played,
The day I first met you,
And then when I left you.

I remember bliss and laughter
By the brook along the way,
The way that led me to you,
The way I found and lost you.

I remember tea and biscuits
By the sidewalk, on the couch,
The day we whispered promises,
The day we broke those promises.

I remember sunflowers
By the window, in the meadow,
The day we painted rainbows
And loved beneath the shadows.

I don’t remember sadness,
I don’t remember pain,
I do not feel the memory
Of leaving in the rain.

For I chose to forget sadness,
I’ve washed away the pain,
Left with a distant memory
Of leaving in the rain.

And so I remain dancing
Or laughing by a brook,
Gazing out at happy sunflowers,
Tea and biscuits in my nook.


Basically Blah said...

Pah! I got all goosebumpy! Funny how certain turns of phrase can evoke very specific memories. Sigh.

Mystique said...

Poet says, “YES!”
Friend says, “Oopsie.”