27 February 2016

If Only

If only I stopped feeding a voracious appetite
for drugs that cloaked my thoughts with black,
I would have noticed that
the sky today was partial to grey
and had wrapped herself in
expansive fur, white and soft.
If only I had stepped out, I may have seen the diamonds glisten
at the edges of her coat.
Perhaps I would have caught her unawares; stolen a glance
at the shy sky, brilliant blue peeking through the white.

If only I had stopped my feet running,
trying to dodge cobwebs in a maze,
I would have noticed that the trees, fresh from their meeting with Frost,
were preparing for a long sleep,
for the earth was covered in the footprints of Autumn.
If only my feet had held still and I had paused to look,
perhaps I would have found colours of the seasons gone by
under the colourless sheet.

If only I can believe that I am not really
a great mountain or the mighty sky,
I can find true greatness
within and around.
I can give without asking in return,
I can tell what I really see,
I can be what I want to be
Undeterred by what others may want to see.

For I am not meant to move mountains
or even little hills,
I could be deepest edge of an ocean
undiscovered still.
I don’t have to be a star shining in the galaxy,
just a warm thought in someone,
or a memory that brings a smile,
that would last a long after
the star has lost its shine.

But if only! If Only!

- Shadow

17 February 2016

By The Well

To the well he came,
My life to take,
To the well I went,
My life’s mistake.

Dagger drawn,
Vengeance, scorn,
Fragile, lorn,
Innocent pawn.

At the well I screamed,
Silent, still,
To the well they turned,
Frozen, chill.

At daggers drawn,
Seconds fly,
Before the fall,
One last sigh.

To the well they came,
Year after year,
By the well I stayed,
Shadows, tears.

10 February 2016


Red velvet the colour
Of our trysts of old,
The whisper of forests
Stories untold.

In darkness we met
Your hound by your side,
In darkness we left
Our heads held high.

But just for a moment
As night met day,
I’d hesitate, linger
Soft the dismay.

The sound of water
Powerful, strong,
The brush of an arrow
Silent, wrong.

A river’s memory,
Gold, russet red,
Your hound beside me
As I laid you to rest.