27 February 2016

If Only

If only I stopped feeding a voracious appetite
for drugs that cloaked my thoughts with black,
I would have noticed that
the sky today was partial to grey
and had wrapped herself in
expansive fur, white and soft.
If only I had stepped out, I may have seen the diamonds glisten
at the edges of her coat.
Perhaps I would have caught her unawares; stolen a glance
at the shy sky, brilliant blue peeking through the white.

If only I had stopped my feet running,
trying to dodge cobwebs in a maze,
I would have noticed that the trees, fresh from their meeting with Frost,
were preparing for a long sleep,
for the earth was covered in the footprints of Autumn.
If only my feet had held still and I had paused to look,
perhaps I would have found colours of the seasons gone by
under the colourless sheet.

If only I can believe that I am not really
a great mountain or the mighty sky,
I can find true greatness
within and around.
I can give without asking in return,
I can tell what I really see,
I can be what I want to be
Undeterred by what others may want to see.

For I am not meant to move mountains
or even little hills,
I could be deepest edge of an ocean
undiscovered still.
I don’t have to be a star shining in the galaxy,
just a warm thought in someone,
or a memory that brings a smile,
that would last a long after
the star has lost its shine.

But if only! If Only!

- Shadow

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