11 March 2016

In Perpetuity

An old abandoned building,
Wrapped in creepers,
Velvet, green.
A long forgotten story,
Snared by cobwebs,
Silky sheen.

He walked among the shadows,
By the light of dawn,
And then at dusk.
She wept beside the window,
A prisoner to love,
A love long lost.

Then came the day
When night met day
When time stood still
When silence filled
The chasm caused
By a curse of old
Transcended only
By love's bold cause.

She pressed against the window,
In her gaze,
He swept aside the shadows,
Building bridges,
Spinning haze.

Until she stepped
Across the chasm
Holding time
A time gone by
He filled the void
And held on
Love’s luminance
Unbridled joy.
An old abandoned building,
Creepers in bloom,
Wild, pink,
A long forgotten story,
Pregnant pause,
Eternal link.

3 March 2016

Yellow Butterflies

Mist swirls around me,
Mist my vision clouds,
Sunshine slips in
Breaks through
The tremble of a cloud.

Hailstone wars surround me,
Hailstones pure and loud,
Rainbow colours
Fight through
The darkness all around.

Sunshine filled with laughter,
Rainbows melting tears,
Yellow butterflies
Painting patterns, wisps o’cheer.