12 December 2016


 Joy rippled through me,
 a still lake hit by pebbles,
 creating layers of mirth.
 Hope flamed in me
 like a voracious bonfire
 to mark new beginnings.
 Happiness sang me a sweet song
 In tune with the single lark on my porch seat-
 Melodious and loud.

Sunshine filtered through my window,
and illuminated my soul,
I opened my front door to
frosty gale
and smiled joyously
at the morning dreary and pale.

The storm clouds gathered above
pass by without a noise,
Unfazed, with sure strides
I walk out the door with my dear friend Joy.

- Shadow

2 December 2016

Memories that serve no longer,
Passion lost along the way,
Like a pearl that's lost its lustre,
You stay hidden, lost in a haze.

I call you to the sunlight,
Tell you it's time for play,
The voices whisper, linger,
Seduced by them, their prey.

Vows that serve no longer,
A self-made tomb your pain,
In your room without windows,
You stay locked, right as rain.

I gesture to the doorway,
Open wide to the other side,
The chatter now a crescendo,
Masking fear, masking pride.

I walk out through the doorway,
The journey yours to make,
A glint of sunshine, shadow,
Smoke trails in my wake.