28 March 2017

Temple of Light

Through the tunnel of darkness
we wander,
Towards a sliver of light
hand in hand.

Red poppies cradling babies
in slumber,
Fairy dew lanterns, fireflies,

Dancing lightly through the glen
we leave them,
To the edge of a steep cliff
now arrive.

A leap of faith our next venture
Into magical waters where
laughter resides.

On to the canyon grand
beyond yonder,
An ancient song and dance
we join,

Lie back on red earth and gaze
in wonder,
At stars shining down, gentle 
and bright.

The blue star's Temple of Light
Alters my reality, heals from

Red earth again, the Dead Sea
So once again the journey

We cleanse and regenerate,
spread our wings,
Soft pink and lavender,
sparkles within.

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