8 April 2012

The Little Things

From words to deeds,
My prayer,
My creed,
Today and tomorrow,
I will hold you,
I will love you,
The little things that matter
I will do,
I promise to,
For when it’s time to say goodbye,
We will have,
We will hold
On to little things that mattered,
To you
And me
Together, a pact let’s make
Our sakes,
In death, find peace not sorrow.


Smriti said...

I absolutely love the written style on this one!

I had Shania Twain's 'From This Moment' running through my head as I was reading the poem!

This would make a lovely wedding vow! There, I said it! (Runs to hide behind some bushes!)

Mystique said...

Oh my, I didn't see that coming! You can come out of hiding though, as all I'm gonna say is, thank you.:-)