31 January 2017

In Chaos

In chaos I found darkness,
Through chaos saw the light,
With chaos came clear vision
Beauty and wonder bright.

Chaos brought me illness,
Also strength of will,
Chaos both my nemesis
And ally if you will.

Chaos stoked the embers
Of memories buried deep,
Rising like a phoenix
Raging forest fires leap.

Chaos cleansed the fire,
Stilled my heart's erratic beat,
Washed away illusions
Mirrored in my dreams.

In chaos I sought mystery,
Followed my path, my right,
Midst chaos I surrendered
To love and faith - pure might.

As tears filled up
her crying eyes,
Amidst midnight blue
stars rose up in the sky,
They twinkle and shine for all to see,
these sparkling stones, no one knows
how old they be.

As pain fills her aching heart
The tide hits the ocean
and breaks it apart,
When the rough waters take a pause,
lay still and reflect the calm all across,
the deep of the ocean no one sees
or knows of the turbulence that lies beneath.

- Shadow