24 September 2009

The Melody – She Played

Misty tunes in sunshine hues,
Swirling, twirling, zest anew,
The pipes they played,
To molten runes,
And I, I wrote a song brand new.

Withered, shriveled, crushed dry grass,
Sprinkled hope, pink heather and laughs,
The clouds stood still,
Bowing to heaven’s will,
And I, I whispered the words en masse.

Mystic moon in silver haze,
Sedate, sated, the walk of grace,
The harp it played,
To souls amazed,
And I, I sang the song my way.

14 September 2009


They came and went,
Hurried, slow – the pace,
The laughter spent,
The crying came.

I watched them,
Through his eyes – Alone,
Now they are gone,
His tomb – My own.

1 September 2009

The Godsend

I did not
believe in the hazy shade of winter,
Until one fine summer’s day,
It descended upon my frontier.

They did not
teach me how to combat sorrow,
My sword and shield,
Benumbed by endless horror.

I cannot
walk away from this affliction,
It eats at me,
Boring a hole in my steady diction.

I will not
fight this dormant volcano,
It burns my soul,
Searching for a whiff of hollow.

As I did not,
For they did not,
As I cannot,
For I will not.

I have realised the meaning of summer,
I have fought the battle of tribulation,
I have known the cross of adversity,
I have found the solace I was looking for.