31 January 2011


From beyond the grave you found me,
A melody – lost and lorn,
Your skeletal fingers caressed me,
My life – no more my own.

From beyond the grave you touched me,
Nameless, forgotten soul,
Your lips of moss – brushed me,
A sigh – my last breath whole.

And as the moon glides softly by,
My breath, on wings, the breeze does find,
Dust to dust,
Petals crushed,
The fragrance fresh, once mine - not mine.

From beyond the grave you saved me,
A whisper – tender, true;
Your breath I felt beside me,
As my soul journeyed t’wards the new.

5 January 2011


(Part IV)

Shadow dancing,
Slow and benign,

Lilies gliding,
Death to life,

Breath of insanity,
Former life,

Underbelly of fire,
Tunnel of time,

Mysterious touch,
No moon night,

Kiss of Fate,
Destiny – mine.

(The End)

1 January 2011


(Part III)

Orchid bloom
‘Neath the runes of time,
Sliver of moonlight,
Passage to life.


(Part II)

Blood red roses,
Scattered past,
House of sorrows,
Shadows cast.


(Part I )

Baby’s breath,
Cotton clouds and sunshine,
The dance of daisies,
Now yours, now mine.