2 June 2012


Hush, dear heart,
Crush not your petals,
Block not the passage
Of your hopes and dreams,
Trust not the whisper
Of the imp who schemes.

Patience, dear heart,
The buds will bloom,
Forget not the fragrance
Of the frangipani tree,
Believe in the dawn,
Therein lies the key.

Remember, dear heart,
Resilient is your soul,
Lose not your courage
When you face the new morn,
Have faith in your destiny,
The making - your own.

8 April 2012

The Little Things

From words to deeds,
My prayer,
My creed,
Today and tomorrow,
I will hold you,
I will love you,
The little things that matter
I will do,
I promise to,
For when it’s time to say goodbye,
We will have,
We will hold
On to little things that mattered,
To you
And me
Together, a pact let’s make
Our sakes,
In death, find peace not sorrow.

1 February 2012

Finding Her - Ebony And A Wisp Of Silk

(Artist: C.Smriti)

Part 1

I first saw her by candlelight,
A shadow flitting across sunlight,
By the flickering flame,
I caught a glimpse
Of ebony, and a whisper of silk.

A long, bright summer later,
I knelt beside a stream of clear water,
Found her
In the flow of ripples,
Wistful doe eyes amongst the shingle.

Part 2

Who is this apparition
that haunts me so?
Must I follow her
flame to the shore?

Then follow her I must,
In my heart I shall trust,
In search of the answer,
Before every door shuts.

Part 3

The long drawn journey
My litmus test, on and on
Till I come to rest,
At a door so bare,
I almost give up my quest.

The door opens ever so slowly,
He’s smiling, waiting there,
As I meet his deep gaze,
I’m lost and afraid,
Not sure I believe in the rare.

Part 4

Destiny’s not to be beaten,
This time she is sure;
She pushes me gently-
Propels me towards my shore.

I step in – slow and hesitant,
I step in – not so sure,
And then I see
Mirrored in his eyes,
Ebony, and a swirl of silk.

12 January 2012


Beneath the stars I wandered,
To a place long gone,
To a place my own,
To a place I found
And lost by dawn.

Through desert storms and blizzards,
I wandered on,
In search of dawn,
In a place long gone,
In a place my own.

Until one day by the roadside,
I found the dawn,
After a storm,
Then wandered on
To a place long gone.

Back and forth on that endless road,
Beneath the stars,
Storms to dawn,
Peace I found,
In a place my own.