2 June 2012


Hush, dear heart,
Crush not your petals,
Block not the passage
Of your hopes and dreams,
Trust not the whisper
Of the imp who schemes.

Patience, dear heart,
The buds will bloom,
Forget not the fragrance
Of the frangipani tree,
Believe in the dawn,
Therein lies the key.

Remember, dear heart,
Resilient is your soul,
Lose not your courage
When you face the new morn,
Have faith in your destiny,
The making - your own.


Rotting Quill said...

Courage, dear heart,
Harbour faith still,
For when the new morn dawns
With dreams that could come true,
Remember this and remember it well,
Only you know what is right for you.

Mystique said...

Thank you for that lovely verse "sweet" heart. I'll make sure I remember that. :-)

Smriti said...

Lovely poem! Sigh.