28 March 2017

Temple of Light

Through the tunnel of darkness
we wander,
Towards a sliver of light
hand in hand.

Red poppies cradling babies
in slumber,
Fairy dew lanterns, fireflies,

Dancing lightly through the glen
we leave them,
To the edge of a steep cliff
now arrive.

A leap of faith our next venture
Into magical waters where
laughter resides.

On to the canyon grand
beyond yonder,
An ancient song and dance
we join,

Lie back on red earth and gaze
in wonder,
At stars shining down, gentle 
and bright.

The blue star's Temple of Light
Alters my reality, heals from

Red earth again, the Dead Sea
So once again the journey

We cleanse and regenerate,
spread our wings,
Soft pink and lavender,
sparkles within.

21 March 2017

The Edge Of A Dream

Thunder rolls by
Lightning strikes
Fallen trees on highways
The hour is midnight.

The edge of a precipice
The edge of a scream
The edge of sorrow
The edge of a dream.

Pregnant pause
Still the morn
Pale skies glimmer
The hour is dawn.

The edge of mystery
The edge of a seam
The edge of a dream.

Gateways open
Sunbeams bow
Oceans shimmer
The hour is now.

The edge of knowledge
The edge of a theme
The edge of tomorrow
The edge of a dream.

11 March 2017


Mystic dog, he guides me
Leads me to her cave
Golden in the shadows
Sunlight in the shade.

Her call at once compelling
Potent brew of times afore
I follow - steady, blindly
To a world beyond my shores.

To the depths of the blue ocean
To the crystal cave of lore
Shedding, healing, breathing
A life now gone, once more.

To land she brings me - safely
To heart and home by night
Whispers goodbye - softly
Minervah - mermaid bright.

2 March 2017

Cross The Stream

Cross the river
Cross the sea
'Tis the stream
That challenges me.

Sparkling water
Cobbled stones
Love's own daughter
Violet tones.

Hold my hand
Share my light
Step by step
Win the fight.

Lush green grass
Diamond paths
Dancing daisies
Joy-filled hearts.

26 February 2017

Love's Pathway

Yellow lilies
dance and sway
Away, together
Life's pathway.

Calling from afar
they say
Come away with me
To a place far away.

I follow, stumble
upon my way
Encounter red lilies
To passion - prey.

Whispers from afar 
I hear
Forget me not
I hold you dear.

Lily white
come what may
Love will always
Find a way.

25 February 2017

What is it about you
that shakes me to the core,
Building bridges, barriers,
Building walls, breaking doors?

What is it about you,
The intensity of your gaze,
Shatters glass, crushes hearts,
Opens the floodgates?

It's nothing but a sense
of an old forgotten wound,
Buried 'neath the surface,
Protected by the womb.

It's nothing but a memory
of feelings tortured, cold,
Swept beneath the cobwebs
of the heart's stronghold.

What is it I'm feeling
as I wash away the fear?
Hope for new tomorrows,
Wisdom beyond tears.


31 January 2017

In Chaos

In chaos I found darkness,
Through chaos saw the light,
With chaos came clear vision
Beauty and wonder bright.

Chaos brought me illness,
Also strength of will,
Chaos both my nemesis
And ally if you will.

Chaos stoked the embers
Of memories buried deep,
Rising like a phoenix
Raging forest fires leap.

Chaos cleansed the fire,
Stilled my heart's erratic beat,
Washed away illusions
Mirrored in my dreams.

In chaos I sought mystery,
Followed my path, my right,
Midst chaos I surrendered
To love and faith - pure might.