30 January 2018

The Mists Of Time

("Wake up," she whispered, "please wake up. It's me, Violet.")

Pink rose, she quivered
A whisper of breath,
The sound of her heartbeat
Long forgotten, dead.
Down by the seashore
Bedraggled, wet,
Clutching a bracelet,
All he had left

Of her magical smile
Big heart, soft eyes,
Wondrous adventures
Time beyond time.

Softly she stepped out
Protecting him still,
Never to return
From yonder hill.
Pink rose, she trembled
Awakened, raw,
Dewdrops glistened
On violets pure.

(Breathe with me, Violet, ever so light. Your breath the epicentre of the kiss of life.)

16 November 2017


Love knows no language
Love knows no bounds
Love has no borders
Love - the one sound.

Trials by fire
Passion and play
Love never tires
Love's here to stay.

Love's in your laughter
Love's in your tears
Love holds you gently
Love never fears.

Soft as a feather
Platinum Ray
Love lifts you higher
Love lights the way.

13 November 2017

Womb Wisdom

She reached out to me
A whisper, a wound
Cried out my name
In times of doom
I walked on by
Unaware of her pain
Disconnected even 
While I searched in vain
For answers
For wisdom
For joy
For love
'Til the day we collided
Two, one again.

The mists lifted - ever so slowly
My life shifted - exquisite glory
My eyes drifted - shadow and light
My soul gifted - lifeline of delight.

We found each other
Lovers, true friends
From deep within
Making amends
She held my hand
Aware of my shame
Dissolved with love
As I found myself again
Through questions
Through journeys
Some old
Some new
The day we collided, Iove
found me again.

7 June 2017

The Book of Love

In the Book of Love you'll find me
dancing to a melody - my own
tune, my memories, dissolving,
crumbling, mending.

Back to the drawing board take me,
fill me, complete me - find me
in wild flowers by the way side,
pebbles, brooks and landslides.

Through pages blank now draw me
out of nothing - building, creating
life-long journeys, painting
rainbows, endings, beginnings.

In the Book of Love you'll leave me
humming softly - a fresh melody,
new life, hope, harmony,
lifting, haunting symphony.

28 March 2017

Temple of Light

Through the tunnel of darkness
we wander,
Towards a sliver of light
hand in hand.

Red poppies cradling babies
in slumber,
Fairy dew lanterns, fireflies,

Dancing lightly through the glen
we leave them,
To the edge of a steep cliff
now arrive.

A leap of faith our next venture
Into magical waters where
laughter resides.

On to the canyon grand
beyond yonder,
An ancient song and dance
we join,

Lie back on red earth and gaze
in wonder,
At stars shining down, gentle 
and bright.

The blue star's Temple of Light
Alters my reality, heals from

Red earth again, the Dead Sea
So once again the journey

We cleanse and regenerate,
spread our wings,
Soft pink and lavender,
sparkles within.