22 December 2015

Winds Of Change

No more love's silver cord I hold,
No more a sliver of hope unknown,
Just a smile for love and light to come,
To the dance within the womb - succumb,
Flashes of rainbow
After the rain,
Rays of sunshine,
Melting pain,
No more invisible cords I hold,
To illusions cold, illusions old.

29 October 2015

The Voice Of Silence

Your silence
speaks volumes,
Your silence
closes doors,
Your silence
invites harmony,
Your silence
sometimes pure.

Your silence
cloaks anger,
and triumph too.
Your silence
also reflects
solitude – you.

At times
it’s rather sullen,
secretive still.
At others
filled with
love and
strength of will.

Your silence
my anchor,
At times
rough, tough,
all pervasive,
Your silence
in my blood.

mute harmony,
distant, sore,
we make it,
Your silence
at the core.

17 August 2015


Spirit, she came to me,
In the mirror of my dreams, 
Spirit, she said to me,
Meet me at yonder stream.

The time is ripe,
Yet it's not time,
Your life is right,
One step at a time.

Spirit, she stayed with me,
Waited while I strayed,
Spirit, she walked with me,
Reached out when I prayed.

The rose stays red,
The grass still green,
A wanderer's bed,
A familiar dream.

Spirit, she reached out to me,
When all the world was still,
Spirit, she embraced me,
While I was sleeping still.

Dawn upon dawn,
Night upon night,
Moments in time,
Now here, now gone.

Spirit, a part of me,
Time after time,
Spirit, my life tree,
Eternal, Divine.

27 July 2015

Breathe in, breathe out,
Fresh air, dark thoughts,
Hold still once more,
Softly, let go.

Dew drops glisten,
Butterfly wings flutter,
A new dawn awakens
Hearts long in slumber.

Hearts beating faster,
To the rhythm - their master,
Twirling, whirling,
Their light shining brighter.

Moonshine magic, waters placid,
Still waters, deep waters,
Keepers of the night,
Keepers of the light.

22 April 2015

Silent Tides

And when I dreamed, it was of you. If only, oh, if only you knew. 

Water colours, flowers bloom,
April sunshine fills the room,
Soft and sweet, the music swells,
Into the heart it nestles, dwells. 

Remember cobbled stones and sunflower fields? Maybe, just maybe, we were never meant to be. 

Scorching sunshine, colours thrive,
Burnt earth and laughter, sun dried pine,
The music plays on, loud and clear,
Rhythm steady, the message dear. 

I remember bloodied and skinned knees on gravel. At the time I hadn’t a clue how this story would unravel. 

Dark clouds gather, the wind it cries,
Lightning flashes, lights up the skies,
Thunder storms and rain galore,
Time to remember; time for lore. 

The stench of burnt rubber and eyes filled with horror. My memory or yours? To whom belongs the greater sorrow? 

Autumn breeze, winter hues,
Slipping, sliding, fighting the blues,
Midnight blue starry skies,
Silence lingers in the mind’s eye. 

Now that you know, time stands still. In my heart I wish it didn’t. 

Water colours, flowers bloom,
Music whispers, fills the room,
April sunshine warms the heart,
A silent teardrop, brand new start.

21 March 2015


She sits by the window,
Waiting, watching,
Sunsets come and go,
Sighing, flying.

A single strand of pearls,
Now warm, now cold,
Pearls strewn across the floor,
Now together, now alone.

Hot chocolate and laughter,
Sipping, skipping,
Rum and coca-cola,
Slipping, missing.

No one by the window,
Waiting, watching,
Lifetimes come and gone,
Sighing, flying.