17 August 2015


Spirit, she came to me,
In the mirror of my dreams, 
Spirit, she said to me,
Meet me at yonder stream.

The time is ripe,
Yet it's not time,
Your life is right,
One step at a time.

Spirit, she stayed with me,
Waited while I strayed,
Spirit, she walked with me,
Reached out when I prayed.

The rose stays red,
The grass still green,
A wanderer's bed,
A familiar dream.

Spirit, she reached out to me,
When all the world was still,
Spirit, she embraced me,
While I was sleeping still.

Dawn upon dawn,
Night upon night,
Moments in time,
Now here, now gone.

Spirit, a part of me,
Time after time,
Spirit, my life tree,
Eternal, Divine.