31 January 2011


From beyond the grave you found me,
A melody – lost and lorn,
Your skeletal fingers caressed me,
My life – no more my own.

From beyond the grave you touched me,
Nameless, forgotten soul,
Your lips of moss – brushed me,
A sigh – my last breath whole.

And as the moon glides softly by,
My breath, on wings, the breeze does find,
Dust to dust,
Petals crushed,
The fragrance fresh, once mine - not mine.

From beyond the grave you saved me,
A whisper – tender, true;
Your breath I felt beside me,
As my soul journeyed t’wards the new.


Basically Blah said...

From beyond the grave you called me,
A comforting soundless echo,
Your scent, it lingered round me,
A wafting path that I follow.

Kavita said...

Oh lovely. Merci lassie.:-)

Terror #1 said...

Oh how I wish it was mystery your talking about...I really enjoy your poetry...keep it coming...

Smriti said...

I read the entire piece. I forgot my comment for obvious reasons. So this is how it's gonna be eh? Eh?

Kavita said...

Terror: Thank you. It was "mystery" inspired remember(?), so this one's dedicated to you/Mystery. Honest.:-)

Smriti: Uh huh.:p

Smriti said...


Was this written a long time ago?

No contenders for time! I win! Ahem!