14 November 2011

The Journey – Part I: Turmoil

I toss and turn as darkness falls,
No cloaks of comfort to recall,
I toss and turn on stormy seas,
Inner wisdom just out of reach.


Smriti said...

And then?

Kavita Rachel Oommen said...

Oh dear, copy cat syndrome hath taken over,I see. Since this is not a waiting-with-baited breath kinda post, just go with the flow and follow said journey through November. :-)

Smriti said...

I was going to resort to my humour but this is Mystique, you see? Okay, I shall wait patiently.

K.O. said...

Thank God for small mercies.:-)

Pushing Daisies said...

I wait and watch, the clock ticks on,
No tremor, torch or desert storm,
No silent whisper nor fleeting tear,
When will another verse appear?

Mystique said...

Hark! More verse for thee.

~~~We're all pushing daisies~~~